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Sleep the Musical

Joanna Rennie: Sleepless the Musical

Joanna Rennie is currently workshopping SLEEPLESS the Musical.

Don’t miss Sleepless, the world premiere of the enchanting new romantic musical comedy based on the original story and screenplay of the movie classic Sleepless In Seattle.

Sparkling with all of the charm, romance and wit of the much loved movie, is the heartwarming tale of Sam who moves to Seattle with his eight–year–old son Jonah, following the tragic death of his wife. But when Jonah phones a radio show and gets Sam to talk about his broken heart and sleepless nights live on air, he suddenly finds himself one of the most sought after single men in America and a great news story for feisty journalist Annie on the opposite side of the country. It looks like love is in the airwaves, but how do you know if someone is the one for you when you’ve never even met…

Bursting with heart and humour, Sleepless adds a fresh and lively book alongside a brand-new musical score to bring this most timeless of romantic comedies to life on stage.