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Amy Allen: Much Ado About Nothing

AMY ALLEN will be playing the role of Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing at The Petersfield Shakespeare Festival 2022.

The Petersfield Shakespeare Festival returns to entertain you with a perfect play in a magical woodland setting. Bring a picnic and start your evening with tasty refreshments and live music at the Bottoms Up bar before a promenade up the hill to witness sparring lovers, dastardly plotters and a ramshackle group of watchmen.
The venue will be open early so you can enjoy the family-friendly festival vibe and beautiful surroundings before the show. Join us on a colourful, musical journey into the forest for a celebration of life, love, and comedy.
Much Ado About Nothing Messina, Italy; the end of a war signals celebration: colour, dancing. Caution is thrown to the wind, there’s music in the air, and now that the sexes are re-united: the inevitable sparks and frisson. Normal life resumes in the sunshine, “al fresco”. As champagne corks pop, the rituals of courtship are rekindled: there’s whispering, giggling and flirting behind masks. Most of the tittle-tattle is good-natured & harmless. For Beatrice and Benedick it means the resumption of their unresolved battle of wits. But there’s one shadow: an unwanted guest is lurking in the wings. It’s not his party but he’s determined to make others cry. Will he succeed in in subverting this comedy for his own end, or will the dance sweep everyone off their feet? “Play, music!”